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Simplified Mass Tort Services

Best in Class Mass Tort Services

Offering Simplified Mass Tort Services

Dyne Marketing and Media Solutions’ Mass Tort Services.

With a world-class team of highly trained medico-legal professionals, we at DYNE address all the problems of our clients while supporting their overall business operations.

Medical Record Retrieval

Our cost-effective, technology-driven, streamlined Medical Record Retrieval Process benefits all US healthcare providers, attorneys, and healthcare insurance organizations.

Medical Coding

We are one of the leading companies that provide medical encoding service to various healthcare centers all over the globe.

Records Summarization

We offer our high-quality medical records summarization services at an incredible price making us one of the most cost-effective records summarization services provider in the world.

Mass Tort Services

DYNE can help your law firm find success with complicated mass tort cases through our comprehensive legal services.

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The nation’s leading law firms count on DYNE’s extensive suite of services and proprietary technology to administer a seamless process from start to finish.

We have worked with Medicare on virtually every iteration of group resolution modeling while administering multiple concurrent private lien resolution programs. DYNE has been the exclusive lien resolution administrator for many high-profile complex mass tort settlement programs.

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Our systems are designed to save law firms time, money, and hassle. DYNE’s U.S.-based nurses are among the leading experts in mass tort medical record review.


Case eligibility is largely determined by appropriate submission of claimant information. Our quality control procedures ensure your firm has a database of accurate, thorough, and organized information.


DYNE helps law firms increase their bandwidth, utilizing packet customization, highly trained onsite call center representatives, monitoring and timely reporting of threshold progress, and proactive attention to deadlines.

Dyne’s Results
More than $5 Billion in QSF deposits under administration
Negotiation of more than 1,000,000 mass tort liens for 500,000+ claimants.
Assistance on the nation’s most complex mass action settlement programs, including XARELTO®, transvaginal mesh, ROUNDUP®, ZANTAC®, BENICAR®, INVOKANA®, and many more.
Support for current litigation including, but not limited to 3M Ear Plugs, Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, water pollution cases, hernia mesh and IVC filters.